Culinary Queens of Colorado Springs – Shauna Sankey of Black Girl Salsa

My family of 6 (including my 5yr old) likes our food spicy!  Recently a friend of mine told me about a line of salsas made right here in Colorado Springs called Black Girl Salsa LLC.  I was promised that this line of salsa delivers heat and amazing flavor/texture.  I ordered my salsa choices online and picked up my order at a local restaurant that features Black Girl Salsa on their menu.  Let me just say that we were NOT disappointed!  In one short week, my family managed to devour one of two generously sized pouches.  This inspired me to reach out to the owner of Black Girl Salsa, Shauna Sankey to ask her if I could feature her and her products on my food blog. 

Shauna is a Colorado Native who was born and raised in Pueblo.  She and her family now reside in Colorado Springs.  She has a BA in Sociology from UCCS and works as a Case Manager.  She is also certified as an addiction specialist. In 2016, she decided to create various salsas to suit her family’s personal tastes and textures.  During holidays and parties, Shauna served her salsa creations and people soon began requesting them.  This inspired her to create a line of salsas for retail.  With the help of her husband and co-owner Steve, Black Girl Salsa was born. 

I asked Shauna what makes her salsa unique.  She nailed it by saying, “The HEAT and FLAVOR. There are a lot of salsas that give you one or the other.  Black Girl Salsa is fresh and contains no preservatives.  BGS is also gluten free, keto friendly, is made with non-GMO ingredients.”  When she says, BGS brings the heat, she is not kidding!  I purchased the “Hot” and the “Smokey Habanero” salsas.  Both were delicious and left a lingering burn for several minutes.   We are hooked!

I am always looking for ways to add heat and flavors to my cooking.  I asked Shauna how her family enjoys using Black Girl Salsa in their home.  She loves adding her salsa to pasta dishes and to liven up sauces.   She also loves to simply enjoy it with some corn chips and a good movie.  I am completely on board with swapping movie popcorn for something spicier like chips and salsa! 

When asked if Shauna has any advice for other women who are considering starting a culinary brand, she stated that, “Women need to find one thing that they are naturally adept at and work on it until it’s great!  Women need the freedom to raise a family and contribute to the household.”  Black Girl Salsa has allowed Shauna to reach these goals.  She also stated that “You must be willing to accept the good and the bad.  There will always be someone who has negative things to say, so use it as motivation to do better, get better, and become bigger.”  Shauna’s dreams for Black Girl Salsa’s future includes her product line being sold at larger grocery chains like King Soopers, Trader Joes, and Sprouts.  I see this happening for her, I really do!

If you aren’t sold on Black Girl Salsa yet, you need to try some for yourself!  BGS is featured at The Wild Goose Meeting Place and The Good Neighbors Meeting House.  This a great way to sample the goods before buying.  Black Girl Salsa is also sold at a small local grocer, Bread and Butter. All these businesses are found in Downtown Colorado Springs.  If you aren’t local or just prefer to shop online you can purchase her salsa line, as well as BGS merchandise at Make sure to follow her on all social media platforms @blackgirlsalsa to see recipe/serving ideas and for updates on new products!

I recently used Black Girl Salsa to heat up our breakfast of Cheese Stuffed Arepas.  It was fantastic!  Click under the picture for the recipe.

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