Irish Eats!

For those who don’t know, March 17 marks the anniversary of the death of St. Patrick, which was believed to occur in the year 461. It has been celebrated in Ireland for over 1000 years. St. Patrick was known to use a 3 leaf clover to explain the holy trinity and thus the shamrock became a part of the holiday tradition. Here in America, the holiday is inclusive to all who want to celebrate the Irish culture with food, drink, and vivid green clothing. It is such a joyful occasion!

I am proud to say that I have a bit o’ the Irish blood myself! It must be why green is one of my favorite colors and why beer is one of my favorite libations. Or maybe not, but I like the idea. In my home, we typically celebrate with our green attire and a festive Irish meal. This year, I am making a traditional Irish Stew made with Guinness stout beer. It is a rich and savory dish that is perfect for a chilly March day. I like to serve it in a bread bowl for presentation as well as a means to soak up every drop of delicious broth.

Irish Guinness Stew

For dessert, I am making Irish Crème Pots. This is a twist on a French Classic, Pot De Crème. For the Irish twist, I add Bailey’s Irish Cream to both the chocolate crème as well as the whipped topping. I love this dessert because you get big and rich flavors with minimal effort. This dish literally takes 5min to prepare. To add a pop of color as well as an edible garnish, I like to use mint leaves. You are sure to impress your family and friends with this special treat.

Irish Crème Pots

I hope this post inspired your St. Patrick’s day menu. I would love to see pictures of your Irish Eats on Peak Thyme’s Facebook Page!

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