Hey there! Welcome to Peak Thyme…

Peak Thyme started as an Instagram hobby in early 2021.  I love to cook, eat out, and photograph beautiful food.  As I began posting pictures of my creations, my friends and followers started asking for recipes and told me I should start a blog.  After much thought, I settled on the name Peak Thyme.  I live in Colorado with an amazing view of the mountains.  I wanted to honor my gorgeous state with a nod to the mountains and Thyme just happens to be my favorite cooking herb. I consider myself to be a bonafied foodie and I am always looking for new restaurants to try.  I also love to review and recommend local restaurants to my friends and followers.  I live near a large city and the options are endless.  I try to keep my reviews positive, especially now during covid.  If I don’t like a restaurant, I choose not to feature it all.  My Instagram is a great place to find inspiration for your next restaurant destination.  Click the link to see my foodie adventures! Finally, I love the challenge of recreating and developing recipes that I have eaten at my favorite restaurants.  They are not always identical, but they are close!  In my blog I will feature these recipes and give a shout out to the restaurants that inspired me.  I would love to hear your feedback once you have tried one of my creations!

“People who like to eat are always the best people.”

Julia Child