Made With Love

Here we are in February, the month we devote to celebrating the ones we love.  In my home, food is central to most of our celebrations, and Valentine’s Day is no exception.  We don’t exactly adhere to the 14th as the official day to celebrate because rules are meant to be broken!  Just Kidding, we typically celebrate the Friday and Saturday closest to the big day.  One day is set aside for a date night with my husband and the next night is made special for our kiddos. 

My husband and I don’t wait for a commercial holiday to tell us when to take time as a couple and show each other how much we appreciate and care for one another.  We try to make time at least once a month to go on a date and reconnect.  BUT, I do love a theme and during the month of February, we typically do a date night near the 14th to mark the occasion.  We typically start at a distillery or brewery to enjoy a craft beer or cocktail and then we head to a restaurant.  We are both foodies and enjoy trying a new restaurant each time.  Stay tuned to find out where we go and for a recipe to go with it!

For my kids, I will ask them what they want me to make for their special dinner.  They typically ask for a big Charcuterie spread and a dessert.  They love the variety as well as fancy cheeses & meats.  We trained their palates well!  Here is the Charcuterie Platter and dessert I made last year!  The dessert is a Raspberry Lemon Curd Cheesecake that I made in my Instant Pot.

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