Game Day Eats

When it comes to feeding people during the big game, I tend to go for quality over quantity. I like to pick a theme and create foods that flow together. A great theme is Mexican Food. It’s easily a cuisine that most people like, the ingredients are easy to find, and you can prep most of it the day before. It’s nice to join the party and not be cooking while everyone else is having a good time. I plan my menu in courses and set it out buffet style. There will always be something to munch on and nobody is waiting awkwardly to be served.

Course 1 is appetizers. This is super easy with a Mexican Theme! This course involves both cold and hot offerings that will be temperature controlled with crockpots and ice bowls so that they can sit out for the duration of the party. Make sure to add lids or stir occasionally to keep things fresh and appetizing. Jalapeno poppers, salsa, guacamole and queso dip served along with tortilla chips are satisfying but light. You want them to be hungry enough for the main event.

Course 2 is dinner. I like to think of how my guests will be eating. Most likely they will be busy sitting in front of the big screen, hollering and cheering. They won’t be interested in formalities like dinner tables and conversation. Keep it simple with very few things to hold. A great idea for this course is green chili and red chili. Offer a topping bar with cheese, sour cream, green onions, jalapeno slices, and tortilla strips. Guests can grab a bowl of chili, toss on some accoutrements, grab a spoon and get right back to the game. Less things to juggle and hold, means less things to get dropped or spilled.

Course 3 is dessert. Typically guests will always ask to bring something. (If their mamas taught them right!) Let the guests know that the theme is Mexican if they want to flex their cooking muscles make something. If not, anything store bought is always appreciated too! I will make some cinnamon and sugar fry bread and serve them sopapilla style. If there are leftovers, you have a fun breakfast treat in the morning!

Beverages are super important. You have to think of adults, kids, and non-drinkers. I typically offer water, soda, beer and/or a premade cocktail served from a drink dispenser. Since the theme is Mexican, Margaritas are a natural choice! I like to set up a beverage area away from the food to avoid crowding. A sturdy card table for the drink dispenser, a bucket of ice for drinks, and cups can be place on top. Under the table place a cooler that is easily accessible. Fill the cooler with soda and bottled waters. If there are children present, it is wise to keep the beverage table visible to adults for obvious reasons.

Finally, my last bit of game day advice is provide a sober driver. Those margaritas can be sneaky!! Also, have fun and may the best team win!

Here is a link to my Colorado Style Green Chili. Enjoy!

Colorado Style Green Chili

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